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Welcome to the Carolinas Section! On behalf of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America and our members, I would like to invite you to explore everything our Section affords.


Our primary goal is to have FUN! Of course, everyone has a different definition of fun. Members are offered many opportunities to attend car shows and admire the wide variety of Mercedes-Benz cars from the vintage years to the present. Some members enjoy driving their cars – to events, in the scenic drives discovering our beautiful states of North and South Carolina, as well as participating in rallies. Others are in the club to learn more about their car at technical sessions, whether it is a newer model with all of the computerized gadgets or one of the vintage ones that still rely on screwdrivers and wrenches until they hum just perfectly.  One thing we share in common – we all love our cars and the brand of Mercedes-Benz.


But our Section is more than just cars. Social events are an integral part of our Section. Some members’ closest friendships began at one of our events. Our members range from native Carolinians to the most recent residents of our flourishing area. Conversations with members can be rewarding because of our vast backgrounds and experiences.  Many of us enjoy the cultural and historical activities, where we get to see, learn and experience the best the Carolinas have to offer. There are so many ways to define FUN!


Our officers and board members want to ensure that all members can find something that will make their membership FUN and rewarding with the Carolinas Section. Come with us to visit the parts of the states that you haven’t been to in a while.  My goal is to encourage you to experience all that we have to offer and meet the members who make our Section so special. Bring your family and friends! Hopefully I will be able to see each of you at an event soon!


With Best Regards,


Jane Martinez