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New facility represents $53 million investment and further demonstrates strong and growing commitment to the region

– Atlanta

Today, Mercedes-Benz USA's vans division announced the opening of a new marshalling yard located in the Ladson area of North Charleston, South Carolina, representing a total investment of $53 million U.S. Dollars towards new infrastructure, IT developments and overall operational restructuring. Mercedes-Benz USA President & CEO, Dimitris Psillakis joined Mercedes-Benz USA's vans Vice President and Managing Director, Nicolette Lambrechts, and Mercedes-Benz Vans Charleston Deputy to the CEO and Head of Paint Production and Maintenance, Mark Allen, to mark this important milestone and officially unveil the new marshalling yard.

Mercedes-Benz USA has committed a total investment of US$53 million into the improvements and enhancements of the new marshalling yard. As part of this investment, Mercedes-Benz USA has contracted with Auto Warehousing Co., who will be fully responsible for all vehicle movements from start to finish, thus streamlining the overall handover process. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz USA will now utilize a sophisticated new logistics management IT system, in line with Mercedes-Benz passenger car operations, to provide customized software that allows for quick and accurate inventory tracking.

The new marshalling yard will be used as a holding and staging area for finished vehicles coming from the production facility, also located in North Charleston, South Carolina. Overall, the marshalling yard will include a 50 acre parcel, 30 carrier loading lanes, 50 EV charging stations, three inspection lanes, an all-new workshop with 22 full-size van inspection and prep stations, a full-size van wash and an all-new office building. These enhancements to the new marshalling yard will streamline operations to better allow the Mercedes-Benz USA vans team to deliver premium quality vans to dealers, resulting in an exceptional customer delivery service and overall purchase experience from start to finish.

The marshalling yard expands upon the Mercedes-Benz USA vans team's established presence within North Charleston. In 2015, the decision to build a new part-by-part assembly facility in time for the launch of the new Sprinter model in the United States was announced. The facility in North Charleston, South Carolina, has been up and running since 2018, following a two year construction period. Mercedes-Benz has put the full weight of its technical expertise into the North Charleston location. The factory expanded upon the existing Mercedes-Benz Vans assembly plant with additional facilities, including a body shop, paint shop and final assembly. The company implemented its most innovative production technologies and concepts at the location, making it one of the most modern facilities of its kind in North America and an integral part of the Mercedes-Benz global vans production network.

The new marshalling yard further underscores the company's commitment to the United States market and helps best position operations for future growth with sales for Q1 up 55% YTD for a total of 11,659 vans sold YTD in 2021.

Additionally, the recent announcement of the eSprinter to be assembled in North Charleston, SC starting the second half of 2023, sets a clear path for success for Mercedes-Benz within the U.S. vans market.

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